Before beginning your kitchen remodel, consider how you would like your kitchen to function for your family. Here are 5 questions to consider when designing your luxury kitchen:

  1. Will there be more than one person working in the kitchen at the same time? If so, perhaps a prep sink should be added and extra counter space.

  2. Do your children need a homework/craft area that keeps the family together, yet doesn’t impede into the kitchen work area? It can be an inclusive area.

  3. Would an oversized island serve to seat overflow from the dining table at your larger gatherings? Or perhaps a second island is needed. One for food prep and one for serving.

  4. Could a larger pantry be a necessity for your family or simply a luxurious add-on? Could placing small appliances in the large pantry free up countertops?

  5. Do you need to brighten the kitchen with new LED can lights, under cabinet lighting, or a new chandelier? Add a dimmer, as well, to control the light throughout the day.

5 reasons to invest in a Kitchen and Bath remodel for your home:

  1. Unlike that expensive car in your drive, or the vacation you took last year, this is an investment that WILL GROW in value!

  2. The remodel will make your everyday life more comfortable. The design will be custom-fit to your specific BUDGET, WANTS, and NEEDS. The sky is the limit when it comes to design choices!

  3. If you are replacing a fairly old bathroom, you can increase the FUNCTION as well as the SAFETY features. Some luxury add-ons, such as a towel warmer or body sprays, will create a retreat at the end of a hard day.

  4. The Kitchen and Bath are the BIGGEST selling points for any home on the market. If these are both top-notch, buyers may overlook negatives in other parts of the property.

  5. You will add BEAUTY to your world! You use your bath and kitchen every single day. Why not create a gorgeous environment to live your life and create MEMORIES with family?