Once you have contacted Kinsey Interiors and Services, either by phone or email, a designer will schedule a FREE consultation at your home.  You can discuss your project with them on the phone and ask any preliminary questions your may have. Our designer will probably ask you to have 3 things ready for them at the consultation:  1) your Priority List 2) your Wish List 3) your Budget.


If you are uncertain about any of these, the designer will be happy to assist you when they arrive.  If you are unsure of what a budget range would be for your project, the designer can give you an idea of a low-high range.  Only you, the client, can determine your actual budget.

Expect the designer to spend at least an hour with you, asking lots of questions, going over your lists, taking photos of the project area, and lots of measurements.  When the designer leaves, she will do a preliminary design and present that along with a scope of work to the estimating department. If needed, she will schedule a sub-contractor walk through of your project.  The estimating department will put together a HARD proposal for you, not just a budgetary number. The designer will meet with you to go over the detailed proposal with you, make any necessary adjustments, answer any questions, etc.

Once the final proposal is signed, and the down payment met, the first step is shopping with the designer at our showroom, or any of the wholesale showrooms in Williamson and Travis counties that are available.  The allowances that were listed in your proposal will determine whether there will change orders needed or not. Once all change orders are signed, all the materials will be ordered for your project. We do not start demolition until all materials have arrived.  This is also the phase when any permits required will be applied for.

You will have a meeting with your project manager prior to construction.  Points she will cover with you are days and times of day you will be open to workman being onsite, what entry you wish us to use, how she will prep your home for safety and dust control, what may or may not need to be moved, and other items of importance.